Balanced societal transformation and inclusive development for environment protection



Inclusive societal development processes that enhance culture, nature, social interaction, and environment protection.

Our Mission

CISD aspires to mitigate land related disputes, climate change, land restoration and adverse impact from societal transformation.

Strategic Objective

Governance, Land dispute, climate change mitigation and land restoration in both urban and rural transformation processes for inclusive prosperity, supported by regional research and knowledge exchange.

Our Core Values

Equity and Justice

Promoting fairness and equality in society, ensuring everyone has access to opportunities and resources.


Promoting diversity and acceptance, creating a welcoming environment for all individuals.

Grassroots knowledge and participation

Empowering individuals and communities to drive change from the ground up.

Social and environmental responsibility

The duty to consider and mitigate the impact of actions on society and the planet.

Partnership and networking

Fostering collaboration and mutual support to achieve shared goals and success.